The Wealth Quorum® All-Stars

The Wealth Quorum® All-Stars combine our finest collaborative efforts, designed to capture the additional gains our Core Strategies achieve over extended time.

The Wealth Quorum®, in cooperation with and MG Asset Management, has co-developed The Wealth Quorum® All-Stars Strategy.

This strategy is uniquely designed to capture the additional gains our Core Strategy selections achieve over extended periods of time.

This innovative, risk-managed strategy is based upon extensive research and testing our development teams have conducted that revealed that many of our Core Strategy recommendations continued to climb even after they were removed from our lists. Further, we determined that holding certain positions longer not only increased returns, but also significantly reduced volatility and drawdowns.

This strategy is available to both our individual and professional Members and offers unprecedented flexibility and customization. Members who wish to participate will enjoy the ability to employ unlimited levels of capital that can best suit their needs. In addition, both individual and professional Members have the choice of receiving signals directly from us so they can execute their transactions through any custodian of their choice -or- they may may opt to have their funds managed by utilizing our sub-advisory platform with Advyzon Investment Management. Under this arrangement, both individual and professional Members can choose to have their accounts executed through any of our ever-growing network of top providers, including leading companies such as Interactive Brokers, Schwab, and in the very near future, Apex and Pershing. We are in the process of rapidly expanding these choices to offer our Members maximized convenience.


Specially enhanced performance of our Core Strategy selections is achieved in this strategy utilizing a watchlist of companies compiled from our weekly selections made over a 4-week rolling timeframe.

Each watchlist averages less than 30 selections and is then sorted using a combination of proprietary indicators that include the consistency of earnings, the valuation of the stocks based on eps and historical price patterns as well as short-medium and long-term momentum indicators.

These indicators are combined into a short list that then ranks them by additional multi-period momentums using MarketGauge’s TSI (Trend Strength Indicator).

The very best combination of these indicators is then ultimately recommended for purchase. Our thorough historical backtests focus on portfolios "between" 5 and 10 stocks to determine the best possible combination.

Immediately upon purchase, the positions are risk managed by utilizing trailing stops. Our methodology includes using price targets which activate a partial sell of the position. At that time, existing stop orders are adjusted accordingly to a no-loss stop order.

This strategy is carefully analyzed on a constant basis to ensure that every possible advantage can be discovered and fully utilized to optimize performance.


The very first step in the process is to contact us directly and schedule a brief consultation directly with our Managing Director, Clayton Anderson. During this brief call, it will be determined which onboarding process is likely most suitable for your needs. Mr. Anderson will then refer you directly to our team of onboarding professionals who will carefully examine your unique situation and guide you through the remainder of the process in the most seamless and expedited fashion possible.

Individual Investors (who wish to execute our transactional signals themselves with their custodian of choice) will be given simple instructions on accessing the signals.

Individual Investors (who wish to have us manage their funds for them) will be seamlessly guided through a 3-step process.

1) First, a consultation will be scheduled with one of our registered investment advisors with our partners at MG Asset Management. During this consultation, your advisor will help you both determine and confirm your suitability for your desired strategy selection. Your advisor will then help you determine the optimal options for who will serve as the designated custodian for your assets. This could include an existing relationship you already have established or one that your advisor suggests. Your advisor will then prepare and explain all necessary agreements to establish the relationship between yourself and MG Asset Management.

2) Second, your advisor will prepare the necessary agreements between you, the custodian and MG Asset Management.

3) Finally, your advisor will assist you with moving your assets to the custodial account where they can manage them, and you will be provided with instructions on how you can constantly monitor your account.

We will be constantly evaluating ways to improve and expedite this whole process using the latest technology among the expanding list of custodians partnered with.

Professional Investors and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) who wish to self-manage their client’s assets using our strategies) will have the ability to enroll into a subscription via MarketGauge Pro (MG Pro) and will be able to seamlessly manage their assets (with our on-going guidance). Your MG Pro Consultant will sign an agreement with you and will work closely with you to determine the optimal subscription configuration. There will be a monthly minimum subscription fee and an additional monthly fee based on how much assets under management (AUM) the RIA is managing using our strategies.

Professional Investors and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) (who wish to have us manage “a portion” of their client’s assets) will schedule a consultation with an assigned registered investment advisor who will take you through the various choices of managing your client assets with MG Asset Management (as a sub-advisor) and offer you comprehensive access through their investment management portal.